Our luxury focussed sister brand Rivolve, goes live with a brand new web presence detailing a statement of intent towards the lifestyle market of Land Rover Defenders.

Rivolve is based at our Peterborough and East Cotswolds sites and focuses on the more luxurious end of the market. Rivolve aims to assist clients who lean more towards the lifestyle focussed side of Defender ownership.

“As classic Defender prices rise, these cars are firmly becoming cherished second, third or even fourth cars to people. These clients want something more refined, reliable and stylish that’s individual to them” Said Andrew Harrison-Smith, the founder of Nene and RIvolve. “We’ve built countless vehicles for every pursuit imaginable over the last thirty five years and feel passionate about sharing our knowledge inorder to benefit our customers”

Rivolve sets out six core editions on its website ranging from all out performance to a more heritage focussed vehicle. As with any self-respecting custom builder they will however build an entirely bespoke vehicle from scratch using either a customer’s existing Defender or one from their stock. Take a look at the new website here.