AdBlue Maintenance & retro-fitting

We are able to make your Land Rover Defender Euro 6 and therefore ULEZ compliant.
Two car filler caps

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a colourless (until some manufacturers add blue dye), odourless and non-flammable fluid that is stored in a separate tank under in the vehicle and topped up via
a smaller filler.

The fluid is injected in microscopic amounts into the exhaust gas. The combination of these elements acts to break up the gases into harmless nitrogen and oxygen.

We’re able to retrospectively fit this to your Defender which will reduce the emissions to bring it in line with the Euro 6 standards.

The process is fast, efficient and means that you can continue to get years of use and enjoyment from your defender without falling foul of every expanding low-emission and clean air zones around major UK and European cities.