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Nene Overland Service & Aftersales

Since 1988 we have endeavoured to give our customers the highest standards of service and aftersales care. Our service department is geared specifically towards Land Rover models, however we can on occasion take on other vehicle types – please enquire.

For all routine servicing, we follow Land Rover’s recommended schedules and we will always provide written estimates prior to commencement of larger works.

Grey Land Rover Defender

Our range of services

Vehicle Servicing and MOT's

Since 1988 we have endeavoured to give the customer the highest standards of service and aftersales care. Our service department predominantly covers Land Rovers.

AdBlue Maintenance

If you’re looking at ways to make your engine more compliant with low-emission, clean air zones or ULEZ, we can help retro-fit an AdBlue system to your existing Land Rover without breaking the bank


We have been cleaning, refurbishing and protecting vehicles from corrosion for 35 years. Land Rovers and 4X4s.


Born out of a classic mix of old-school craftsmanship and modern repair techniques, our bodyshop team works on all types of Land Rovers and 4x4s, including Nene Overland’s bespoke builds.

Audio and Entertainment

Like most motoring enthusiasts, the team at Nene Overland can get as much enjoyment out of the sound of the engine travelling down the open road, but we also like to be able to listen to a good quality radio too.

Trim and Soundproofing

We are going to make a bit of a presumption that as you’re looking at our website, you are probably a fan of vehicles that can sometimes be an acquired taste? We’re here to created custom interiors that turn heads.

Engineering & Performance

Our long heritage of engineering ability gives confidence that the right call will be made, on the back of 55 years of experience, to make your Defender perform at its best.

Expedition preparation

Nene Overland has been preparing vehicles for overland travel since the early 90s, so we now have a wealth of experience to help our customers. We are very committed to helping you start your own off-road adventures.

Restoration & rebuilds

Everyone has heard apocryphal tales of the bloke who found a low mileage Tickford Station Wagon and sold it for a mint after just changing the oil and recharging the battery. That isn’t you, it isn’t anyone…


Over the years we have shipped vehicles to almost every continent. We specialise in building, sourcing and exporting vehicles that meet your international regulations to all points of the compass.

Sell your vehicle

It can be a real hassle when you come to sell your Defender in the classifieds and an absolute endurance event listing it on internet auction websites. Let us take the chore out of the whole process.

Valet & Detailing

Valeting is more than running a damp sponge over your vehicle’s paintwork. It might sound like an obvious thing to say but not everyone that offers to ‘valet’ your car are actually doing anything of the kind.

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