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Our 35 years of experience has always allowed us to offer our clients the possibility of upgrading their Land Rovers, Jeeps and other 4x4s to give them more power, refinement and fuel economy.

When it comes to performance enhancements, we work on three key principles; Go, Stop and Handle.

Nene Overland Engineering & Performance

Our 28 years of experience has always allowed us to offer our clients the possibility of upgrading their Land Rovers, Jeeps and other 4x4s to give them more power, refinement and fuel economy.

When it comes to performance enhancements, we work on three key principles; Go, Stop and Handle.

Transmission gears for a car

• Principle One: Go

We can offer a range of performance upgrades for each model of the Defender Diesel engines, from remaps to upgrade turbos and intercoolers to increase both usability and out right performance.

For the ultimate we also offer a range of Petrol V8 options which can be mated to either manual or automatic gearboxes.

• Principle Two: Stop

Many people underestimate or even completely overlook the additional performance and obvious safety benefits that upgraded braking brings.

We’re able to offer everything from uprated brake pads to full Billet brake calipers and competition spec rotors.

• Principle Three: Handle

Tyres and suspension play a vital part here. As with the above principles, there are various approaches available.

On the suspension side of things, from uprated gas dampers, all the way to semi-active fully adjustable suspension. For tyres, we can offer everything from low-profile, road-biased compounds right through to rugged and robust off-roaders for maximum terrain response.

The choice is yours but as always, we are very happy to advise based on your specific requirements. 

Diesel and Petrol Engine Conversions

Our 28 years of experience has always allowed us to offer our clients the possibility of upgrading their Land Rovers, Jeeps and other 4x4s to give them more power, refinement and fuel economy.

Modern turbo diesel intercooled and common-rail engines can offer similar and sometimes better performance than the big old V8 petrols. Particularly where you might need lots of low down torque and plenty of horsepower for heavy commercial towing.

And for those who still need that great sound of the big petrol V8 motor we are happy to assist with several options: Rover, Ford or Hemi turn-key units delivering anywhere between 400bhp and 600bhp with supercharger.


Since the very early years Nene Overland has been upgrading and tuning the original Defenders fitted with 200TDi and 300TDi engines, either by fettling and tweeking the factory 2.5litre diesels, or by fitting various Isuzu and GMC engines including the hefty 6.2 and 6.5 V8 bi-turbo lumps.

Later on the International 2.8 TDi powertorque proved popular giving great reliability and simplicity with a huge gain in low down torque suiting heavier Defenders built for extreme off road or expedition use. Nene Overland was also the first company to fit the BMW 6 cylinder TDi into a Classic Range Rover and the first company to fit a Land Rover TD5 into pre-TD5 era models.

5.3 V8 ECOTEC - 355bhp

The L82 engine that launched in 2018 for use in the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500. It is commonly referred to as an EcoTec3 5.3L engine and replaces the L83. Compared to its predecessor the L83, the L82 has a different valley cover, centered water pump location, and exhaust system.

By centering the water pump, it allows Gen. 4 high-mount air-conditioning and power steering pumps to be added. It continues to incorporate Variable Valve Timing (VVT).

The engine also uses direct fuel injection technology, which shoots fuel directly into the combustion chamber instead of the intake runner. The L82 continues to use Active Fuel Management (AFM. DFM has cylinder deactivation lifters on all eight cylinders rather than just four. DFM has 17 modes of operation and can run on as little as two cylinders at a time.

This engine will take your vehicle to that next level with 383 ft-lbs of torque at 4,100 RPM and a whopping 355bhp.

6.2 LS V8 - 430bhp (600bhp with supercharger)

Land Rover owners can transform their vehicle into a truly wild V8 Defender by bringing in their existing vehicle for conversion, or letting us find the perfect Defender and installing the LS V8 for them.

Our years of experience in tuning has yielded the highest-ever performance levels from a Defender. Our technical abilities along with attention to each and every detail, has seen us develop cutting-edge components that are technically innovative and ultimately faster and stronger than the competition.

The Nene Overland Wild Defender programme replaces the stock diesel engine and gearbox, with a GM derived 6.2L petrol V8 and 6 speed automatic gearbox providing 430bhp and more than 540 NM of Torque at 4,700 RPM. Additional upgrades are available for power increases, providing over 550bhp.

Automatic Gearbox Conversions

The addition of an automatic gearbox is one of the most requested modifications we deal with for Defenders, particularly when our clients spend lots of time city driving.

The latest units with flexible ECU controls allow us to offer variable mapping of gear change patterns to suite the precise set up of your vehicle and your driving style and environment.

Three different versions of centre cubby or gear shifter console are available, including the standard satin black, moulded NAS spec console and cubby, SVX spec leather trimmed cubby and centre console with twin footwell lights.  At the top end we have an exceptional sports highline, swept centre console and cubby.  This comes with a choice of quilted and patterned stitch, hide and Alcantara side walls and cubby centre arm rests with built in bass subwoofer speaker system.

ZF HP 22 and 24 automatic gearboxes are the preferred options to give you reliable a automatic transmission for your Defender. Larger diameter torque converters may be recommended for heavy use or high-torque Defenders.

High-ratio and longer gearing

We are usually able to uplift your final drive gearing by at east 15% by fitting a set of upgraded gears to the existing transfer box. This aids fuel economy and quietness by dropping engine revs by the same 15% but maintains the same motorway cruising speeds.

It also works well when a smaller diameter tyre is fitted which would otherwise gear-down you Defender. It works particularly well with TD5 as they tend to be a bit low geared.

For even further uplift in final drive gearing we can offer a mechanical overdrive unit for TDi, TD5 and Puma models.


We always do our best to help everyone enjoy the Iconic Defender. Not only can we make it easier to drive with an automatic conversion but also work closely with The Adaption Installation Company (Formally Chris Elliott Adaptions) to offer all kinds of extra driver aids for those with physical restrictions.


Improving braking can be paramount on a standard Defender if it is being used for heavy towing or equipped to carry lots of specialist equipment.

Working hard every day in all weathers and ground conditions creates a need for better brakes .

And for those who are just out for the fun factor in their new Defender, having far more power and performance on tap makes better braking a must!

Performance Rotors and Calipers

We can add the ultimate large brake rotor and 6-pot callipers to give you fantastic stopping power up front. We can fit either Tarrox, AP Racing or Brembo kit which are all suitable for ABS equipped Defenders and many other high performance street and track cars.

High-performance, no-flex 6-pot callipers will give you the opportunity to add incredible stopping power for your fast road Defender Jeep, or make sure your heavily laden commercial or expedition truck will always stop far short of any dramas.

Pad and Disc upgrades

We can add a more mainstream EBC disc and pad combinations to the rear of your vehicle to give far better stopping power.



Better performance will always require better braking and suspension. The correct combination of all the various components will give you the most fun behind the wheel with the least effort, more enjoyment, less stress and better safety. Your vehicle will also be less prone to mechanical failure if it is set up correctly for optimum performance.

This philosophy also applies for anyone who works their vehicle hard in commercial environments, heavy towing and load carrying or overland expedition trucks carrying lots of kit and equipment.

Important information about modifications

Please be aware that any tuning upgrade or modification may invalidate your Manufacturers’ Warranty. We are happy to aid and advise on this. As a general rule, over the years we have never experienced a manufacturer rejecting any warranty claim . If in doubt it would be wise to consult with us prior to approaching your local dealer if warranty support is likely to be required.

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