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To import defenders into the USA, the vehicle needs to be over 25 years old and for Canada, it needs to be at least 15 years old. The law states that if the truck is newer, it would not comply to your local vehicle safety regulations.

Refurbishing the older Defender is the way most will go, as you can work with us to create your dream Defender to suit your specification and budget. One needs to understand that this process can get heavy on cost as we will sell you a 15 or 25 year old truck to suit Canada or USA and then either ship it as it stands with little work or completely rebuilt.

A green Land Rover Defender inside a shipping container

Taking the hassle out of global shipping and remote buying.

If you’re based outside of the UK and don’t want to fall foul of the red tape around international shipping, allow us to take the hassle and potential problems out of buying a Defender unseen or from overseas.

Working closely with our global shipping partners at Trans Global we’re here to take the guesswork and uncertainty out of sourcing, inspecting, purchasing and shipping your chosen Defender.

We offer a three stage process designed to facilitate this:

Stage 1

Once a vehicle has been sourced either by yourself or by us on your behalf, we will dispatch a fully qualified technician to inspect the vehicle in situ to mitigate as far as possible any immediate issues.

Upon a satisfactory inspection and then purchase by yourself the vehicle can be shipped directly to you or move onto the second stage.

Stage 2

At our facility in Cambridgeshire we will carry out a full and comprehensive suggestion aimed at compiling a list of possible required remedial works and potential upgrades inline with your specific requirements.

Upon completion of this we can ship the vehicle either as is accompanied by the report or as is accompanied by the required parts.

Stage 3

We agree the schedule of works to be carried out and upon completion we deliver the vehicle to Trans Global and it is shipped and delivered in its completed state ready to go on your driveway.

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