With those frosty mornings, now is the time to ensure your Land Rover is in tip-top condition for the colder months ahead. It can feel like a daunting task, so below we have listed a few minor maintenance tasks to help you and your Land Rover get winter-ready.

Check your lights – Shorter days mean you’ll be driving in the dark for longer periods and potentially mixed conditions. Therefore, make sure you’re checking your headlights and fog lights. You may also want to think about upgrading to LED headlights. 

Check your tyres – Ensuring your tyres meet the recommended tread depth will improve your Land Rover’s grip when driving or braking on ice or wet surfaces. 

Check your battery – Cold weather can inhibit the chemical reaction necessary to make your Land Rover battery work. This, paired with the use of more electric power for heaters and headlights, can add additional strain on your car’s battery.

Check your levels – Keep your antifreeze, coolant and oil levels regularly topped up. Coolant is vital in ensuring the engine stays cool and works perfectly. In winter, antifreeze is required to ensure the water within the coolant does not freeze and cause any damage to the engine.

Underbody protection – With wet roads and the addition of road salt, it’s important to make sure the underside of your Land Rover is adequately rustproofed. Waxoyl, is a great answer to this and will ensure longevity and corrosion prevention.