We are pleased to offer this lovely Orkney Grey metallic XS 110 utility station wagon recently converted into our Overlander pop-top camper ready for your next adventure. We have also added our Rivovle HD Anthracite alloy wheels riding on BFG AT tyres, our heavy-duty black alloy checker plate roof skin to give you further roof carrying capacity and 270 degree awning ( yet to be fitted ) The defender also benefits from front recovery winch mounted on heavy duty bumper and front underbody protection. Due to being the XS it benefits from black part leather seating throughout, ABS – TC, remote locking, electric windows, A/C and heated front seats, NAS great step tow bar, LR wing chequer plate, front light guards. With only  65,000 miles recorded from new. Please check out our own modular CamelbaC kitchen pod that will give you the ability to cook and wash with it mounted in the back or lift it out and hang it on the outside to alloy cooking and food prep outside under the awning, this unique to Nene Overland cooker sink pod also has a stainless cover, food prep sideboard, further east to fit internal storage seat pod and removable fridge freezer you can also use as a further outside seat with wheels and trolly handle to allow you to take it down the beach. Please see further info and pricing for the CamelbaC Cooker pod range below which can be purchased at extra cost.      


For many years we have thought wouldn’t it be great if you could instal a simple, well made here in the UK by Nene Overland, rear cooker sink housing with optional seat box and stainless lid, food prep table, all demountable to store away from your Defender 110 whilst not in use or hang off the outside of your 110 underneath the awning to enable you to prep and cook your food outdoors and wash up after.  Our CamelbaC range of portable cooker, seat pods enable you to do just that.  We can install it all for you, wire up external and internal 12 volt power supplies and external cooker pod rail so you are ready to go. All in conjunction with the ever so popular Alu Cab pop top roof and 270 degree awning conversions specifically designed for any Defender 110.  Our range of well finished hand made quality kit can be bought individually for DIY instal or sold as part of your Defender 110 Alu cab build. The cooker pod is designed to work via drawing LPG from a portable LPG bottle, clean water from a 20 litre water can with further 20 litre can to collect grey waste water. All of which can easily be hooked up for both inside or outside use. All priced individually so you can buy part or all of the CamelbaC pod range for DIY fit or allow us to instal it all for you.  We can add further permanent underbody water tanks, electrical lighting, power solutions and solar.  All our alloy pods are finished in a durable grey anthracite powder coating.  Bespoke colours maybe available upon request at further cost. Please enquire for further help and advice about this great range camping solutions.  

              Seat Box with trimmed cushion lid

We have designed a snug fitting alloy seat box assembly that is held in place by a pair of over centre ratchet clips to enable easy removal for outside use or storage away from your Defender as to allow everyday use whilst not out there camping and exploring.  The hand made seat is trimmed to match your Defenders existing interior, removable to access storage underneath.  Finished in durable anthracite grey powder coating. Bespoke colours for seat box and seat cushion maybe available upon request at further cost.     Base price.   £1599+vat 

              Fridge & fridge base stand 

We are offering a well tried and tested British-designed and built 60 litre fridge freezer that offers durability and versatility whilst being extremely good value.  The unit has retractable transport handles and wheels to enable easy transport to the beach or just as an extra seat while at camp.  

Whilst in the Defender mounted behind the front passenger near side seat ( right hand drive models ) in place of one of the 2nd row seats it gives easy access from either the front or rear of the cabin. We include a sturdy frame mounted to the now removed Defender seat base brackets to enable easy fitment.  Further options maybe available to accommodate other makes and specs of fridge upon request at extra cost.  Fridge and base stand price.   £899+vat 

           Camelbac Cooker POD 

The heart of this great solution is our CamelbaC cooker pod. Designed to easily fit in the rear of your Defender 110 cabin or be detached and refitted on the outside rear of your Defender, potentially under the awning to allow outside cooking, food prep and cleaning down afterwards.  Made from high quality alloy folded and welded to huge the rear seatbox of your Defender with integrated Dometic twin burner sink unit with ceramic lid. You can set it up to draw gas and clean water from portable 20 litre cans and LPG bottle for inside use or redeploy it for use on the outside of your Defender with ease. All finished in durable grey anthracite powder coating. Optional colours upon request at further cost. 

You may also wish to add our stainless steel cooker pod cover that covers while not in use, opens out to give you a food prep area and while closed and in transport mode in the back of your Defender is strong enough to load further storage box’s on top to aid efficient use of specs in the rear of your Defender while travelling.   CamelbaC Cooker Pod price.               £1899+vat 

Wiring from vehicle battery to 12v socket in rear & on outside.    £399+vat 

Camelbac  cooker pod stainless table - transport cover.               £299+vat 

Inside & outside cooker pod hanging rails.                                           £149+vat 

Fitment of above.                                                                                          £240+vat 

20 litre water cans 

LPG bottle, delivery hose, fittings and regulator 

£5484+vat to supply and fit all above.  ( vat 1096.80 ) Total inc vat  £6580.80

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