With post 2011 model Defenders only meeting Euro 5 emission regulations, drivers are having to stump up for Ultra Low Emission Zone and Low Emission Zone charges in many cities including London, Bristol, Bath, Oxford and Birmingham to name just a few. As wedded as we are to our faithful Defenders, these additional charges often bring about some hand wringing when it comes to the ongoing justification of our vehicles.

Thankfully we have good news for you. We have been working very closely with our engineering partner Cybrand and can now offer a Euro 6 low emission zone complaint conversion for just £7,495 + VAT.

Can the conversion be applied to any engines other than the 2.2TDci?

The conversion is only available for the MY2011 onwards 2.2TDci power plant.

Surely at some point we will see Euro 7 that will make the conversion redundant?

All governmental efforts are focussed on the current shift toward E.V and alternative fuels so there are no plans going forward to implement a further restriction on Diesel emissions.

How do I update the DVLA?

The V5 remains unchanged. The retrofitted vehicle will however appear on the national CAZ/ULEZ database as ‘Euro 6 compliant’, and so will avoid the associated charges. We submit all relevant data and forms to the authorities, with registration typically taking 10 days so you don’t need to take any action. Once the database has been updated you are free to use our vehicle wherever you like without penalty.

How long does the conversion take?

When your booking slot arrives (circa 4 – 8 weeks lead time), we can have the conversion completed onsite within two days. We’re also able to provide a courtesy car where required.

Does the engine need to be swapped?

No. The existing engine stays in place and is fitted with an AdBlue system which reduces NOx emissions by 85%.

We’re here to help

We would be very happy to discuss your requirements further and answer any additional questions that you may have. Please call us on: 01733 380 687 or alternatively email: sales@neneoverland.co.uk